Aug 26

Girlfriend Club Korean Drama Review

Within the modern TV drama world, the urban fantasy genre has crafted a Korean Drama decent niche for itself. The drama tries to force this through by reducing the age of the male lead character by about 5 years and aging Shin Eun-Kyung’s character by 9 years in comparison to the actors playing them. I would have to say that Oh My Ghost” (2015) is an interesting attempt at doing an urban fantasy Korean drama. Oh My Ghost” (2015), while feeling like a 49 Days” (2011) clone sometimes, is still different enough to prevent this from feeling like a sin. Like texting all of my non-K-drama-watching friends and family and telling them to watch Healer excited. I guess I watch Kdramas to escape from my stressful life and Healer was the first one in a while that really spoke to me.

And what a bizarre, ridiculous and delightful satirical take Surplus Princess is, parodying Korean romantic comedies and workplace dramas. The big-budget series from production house Group 8, casts actress Lee Young-ae, who returns to the small screen after more than a decade after her memorable lead role in the 2003 period drama Jewel in the Palace. If you really want to get into the deep end, check out or the ‘Korean Series’ list index on tvtropes.

Many fans from the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia and China became tourist and flocked to see the drama studios and the filming locations of big productions like Jewel In The Palace. Korean drama has become very popular all over the world because of its fresh take on soaps. Korean writers have been flexing their cretive muscles and people from all over the world are taking notice. The result is a production that has a very discernible Korean flavor to it, which surprisingly appeals to viewers worldwide. One thing’s for sure though, Korean producers are sticking to the age-old recipe of good writing coupled with crafty production and smart casting.

Korean drama downloads are available as VOD (video on demand) from the korean tv stations KBS, MBC and SBS.Korean TV dramas have recently become popular in the United States, particularly among Asian Americans and older viewers, as many of them see these dramas as an alternative to the violent and racy content of American soap operas. The overwhelming success of South Korean dramas, movies, and music served as a major tourism attraction in South Korea.

KMHM’s ratings are doing pretty good but I’m hoping for a much higher ratings & rankings relative to how amazing the drama has been showing us viewers. Btw, you should watch them in Secret but make sure you have boxes upon boxes of tissues with you! This drama is really good, I can’t find anything to criticize except CY and the silent killer cousin. I’m just wondering why is it HJ&M be the 1st to have english sub, while waiting for KMHM english sub, I’ll peek 1st to see Hjun Bin, but compared to the story of KMHM, I didnt bother to finish part2 of episode 1, I choose to watch KMHM instead even without english sub. I felt so sad for YoSub and then never laughed so hard watching a drama as when YoNa showed up!

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